Welcome to Writing Pay it Forward Canada!

WPIFCA at Scriptus 2018!

Our aim is to promote the use of the written word by providing basic writing resources to any person, inspiring a new generation of writers and artists. Writing Pay it Forward Canada (WPIFCA) came about from the inspiration from a similar campaign in the United States. While we acknowledge their inspiration, WPIFCA is a completely independent organization, that operates solely within Canada.

Sample writing pack: a starter fountain pen with an ink cartridge and fountain pen friendly paper.

WPIFCA is based in Toronto, Ontario and we actively participate in the local pen community, as well as the local pen show: Scriptus! We will be present once again at Scriptus 2019, thanks to the kindness of the show organizers, ready to spread the love for writing and fountain pens in particular to newcomers to the pen community.

Packs being prepared for the shows…

Writing Pay it Forward Canada is also the organizer of the Scriptus Preamble party!

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WPIFCA operates purely out of donations from our members and the kindness of the pen community! We invite you to consider contributing to our cause. If this is something that would interest you, please use our contact page to get in touch with us!